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'SCORPIO' ~ Kavan Dignam Drum & Drum Break Kit

'SCORPIO' ~ Kavan Dignam Drum & Drum Break Kit

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If you're a music producer looking for unique, raw and redefining sounds you're in the right place.

Originally inspired by the sound of Kanye West's during his legendary run from Graduation to Yeezus. I wanted to bring back the raw and experimental element which made hip-hop such an exciting genre during this time. Drawing from many influences among this process such as: Tyler The Creator, WondaGurl, The Alchemist and OZ.

Live Drum Breaks

featuring crisp live drum breaks with a variety of different grooves as well as some in the box drum loops, there is more than enough to inspire ideas and help you make the best tracks you possibly can

Drum One Shots

The wide range of sounds are ran through analog, tape distortion and saturation for the gritty sound you won't find in other drum kits. Featuring 808's, bass, claps, hats, kicks, rims, snares, percs, tonal snares and sfx.


Sounds ready to redefine and sculpt your artistic vision

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